Alex Martini

Personal Training/Massage Therapy


Starting in 2007 with massage therapy and then adding personal training to the mix, with high quality and care, my mission is to help everyone achieve there health and fitness goals. Training helps you reach your goals in fitness, competition,  and health. Massage helps with the recovery process from many different ailments as well as being great for some good old fashion relaxation whether its a private session, at your place of work for corporate wellness or on-site at an event. Each one helps the other to give you the maximum benefit in helping you through your journey to achieve what you want. Regardless of what you want your goals to be their is no magic quick fix, but with the right coaching, motivation and dedication you will get there. I have worked at and with; farmers markets, health fairs, concerts, corporate events, the Oakland Raiders, triathlons, and of course one-on-one sessions. 



"As a triathlete, I've been getting bodywork from Alex for a number years as a supplement to my physical training; he's absolutely my go-to therapist post races and those long training days"

- Raymond P.

"Alex is my personal trainer and he is worth every dollar! I've seen trainers in the past and he tops them all. He's very patient and has a soft demeanor but he will seriously kick your body into shape. I wasn't seeing any results with a past trainer, even though I was working out for months, but ever since I started seeing Alex, I've actually dropped several pounds already. The best thing I like about our workouts is that he doesn't let me give up, keeps me motivated and pushes me to do my best even when I feel like giving up. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a trainer to see Alex, there is no way you would be disappointed."

- Liz N.

"I have been seeing Alex off and on for well over 5 years. I have been to plenty of high-end spas for a 'real massage' as well as sports massage places that people highly recommend, but I keep coming back to Alex. No matter how long my session is (varies from 20min - 1 hr) he makes good use of time, and every muscle in the area requested to be worked on is thoroughly attended to. Every single session his technique is consistently as outstanding as the previous. I have gone to him for specific things, such as shoulder/neck aches from the corporate cubicle job, relief from post marathons or intense training, and getting out the body aches when I'm sick. Every time I finish I feel 100% better - less stressed, head cleared, better posture, the list goes on"

- Alfie D.

I had a great experience with Alex, we met at a local gym for a personal training session.  He is very knowledgeable, patient and skilled.  He worked at my level of training adding new and challenging exercises, he's willing to teach and well as show examples. We talked about muscles groups and getting the most out of every work out.  He's also given me a ton of nutrition information and followed up to see how I'm doing.  I highly recommend him and I will definitely be booking another session.

-Joey B.