Alex was an excellent trainer. When I started out working with him I came with the intent of increasing my jump strength and losing some fat. 

In terms of losing fat, I can definitely say that I've already begun seeing some very small changes even after 2 weeks of work, so I can personally vouch for his effectiveness. There were other things that I really appreciated about Alex: 

1. Knowledge: If you're trying to learn, Alex has a vast array of exercises that he goes through so you are able to learn so many new exercises to learn on your own during a short period of time. He was also able to identify weaknesses in flexibility and balance that I had and not only showed me exercises to fix those but actively sought to fix those weaknesses during our workouts.

2. Intensity: We were constantly going through supersets and circuit sets so each 50 minute workout was completely physically exhausting (which I definitely appreciated)

3. Niceness: When a workout is difficult sometimes what you need from a trainer is just some motivation and Alex always provided that. Never did I get a sense that he wasn't as invested in my goals as I was. As a result, I was always pushing myself harder each session.

All in all, Alex was great and I highly recommend him as a personal trainer! -Suryatej G.

After one half hour, Alex worked wonders on a knot in my back that was wreaking havoc. Great job. I'll be back.







Alex has an intuitive way of finding tense/sore spots, and solid, gentle but firm touch. Recommended.




This was a wonderful experience. Came with shoulder pain due to the stress of being a student and left feeling energized. Very professional! 



Thank you Alex. You eased up and opened up my very very sore back. Very grateful.